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4 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Clean

By Louise Liboiron
Owner, LML Cleaning

We often get asked about which product is best? Which cleaner is most effective? Which cloths do the best job? Which mops do you use? The crazy part about that is very often people ask us how often should I wipe down surfaces? How many passes is clean enough? When is the best time to clean?

The cleanest and healthiest workspaces are a direct result of the combination of products, tools and … “operators”! Even a little soap and water and paper towel are better than nothing!

The answer is YOU! You are the operator! You need to take charge, take ownership and do it! You need to act like a cleaning Professional. Assess the major contamination spots and add an adequate supply of an appropriate cleaning product and application tools. And then…. ATTACK! You are the answer! With a plan and an increased frequency of clean, you will have a cleaner and healthier workspace!

Cleaning is not just what you see, it is about what you don’t see! Cleaning removes visible soil and debris. Sanitizing reduces bacteria counts to safe levels. Disinfecting eliminates pathogens and bacteria.

If you ask which product is best, we might tell you, but you might also need training and certification to use it. So, let us be real and make your plan to have a cleaner and healthier workspace easier. Just imagine that you created a habit to wipe in, wipe off and wipe out of your workspace every day? Just imagine that once a week you cleared your desk completely and wiped every square inch! More is better! Frequency of the clean will RULE!

4 Ways to Have a Cleaner and Healthier Workspace

1. Do your own workspace site assessment

Cleaning professionals look at the job site and identify major touch points and bacterial accumulation areas and lay out a specific plan to attack with frequency and precision those areas every time. Unfortunately, not all companies hire a daily cleaner from an accredited cleaning professional… So, YOU be the pro! You can assess your space, write down the major areas for cleaning and follow your own checklist!

2. Make a product decision and stock up

A good solution of general-purpose household cleaner will do the trick. The list of appropriate cleaning products is exceptionally long, so start mild. and here is the key… “DO IT OFTEN”.  Find a general-purpose, all surface, spray and wipe cleaner and… “read the label!!!”

3. Use new and clean applicators

Old rags, scarves, gloves and whatever else you can find will not do. Remember, you are the cleaning professional for your workspace.

4. Make clean a habit

We all know to the minute when we leave for work, walk the dog, buy our coffee, or brush our teeth every day. These are habits. Cleaning your personal workspace should be mandatory, and if it is not you take charge and allocate the short time it takes to identify your major touchpoints for cleaning!

5. Increased cleaning frequency will create your habit

This is one habit you will appreciate!

6. Hire a professional

Professional and accredited cleaner will take your plan to the next level.  You will reap the benefit of the disinfectants; microfiber cleaning cloths and detailed precision cleans will help you start your own personal program “fresh” every time. Your accredited cleaning professional will understand proper dilution ratios, dwell time and use the most effective products to give your space the optimum cleaning result. Cleaning is a “team” sport. Your accredited cleaning professional will make it so your daily cleaning plan will get easier. The accredited cleaning professional will have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier workspace.

At LML Cleaning Services, we understand how confusing yet how important a real cleaning program can be. If we can use an old cliché, we should remember that “it is much easier to steer a moving vehicle than it is to push a parked car”.

Don’t wait. Get started with this plan in your workspace!

By Louise Liboiron
LML Cleaning Services