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Instagram Tips & Tricks

Since its launch, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses looking to build their brand and increase their visibility. While advertisement opportunities exist, getting started on Instagram is free, and businesses can establish a significant following without spending a dime. Download our Instagram Guide for Businesses and check out our list of tips and tricks to master this powerful social network.

1. Optimize Your Profile

In just 150 characters, your Instagram bio should showcase the benefits or the unique services and products that your business provides. It is also essential to utilize the Instagram Action Buttons which are located directly on your business profile and allow users to directly engage with your business.

2. Utilize Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a great way to see basic analytics about your account, your posts, and your followers. It shows you a variety of different data, from how many users visited your profile in the last week to when your followers are typically online. There are three main sections on Instagram Insights: Overview, Content, and Audience.

3. Know Your Audience & Engage

Your existing demographic insights from your Instagram analytics can tell you a lot about your Instagram target audience. Under Insights, go to Audience. Here, you can see vital statistics about your current followers including their age range, gender and location.

Businesses can raise brand awareness and reach their target audience by keeping an active and authentic presence on social media. This can be achieved by crafting compelling content, responding to all inquiries and comments, and through authentic storytelling.

4. Set Up an Instagram Shop

Instagram has evolved over the years to enable on-platform e-commerce sales. The Shop Tab, which is located prominently on the bottom navigation panel as shown below, allows users to discover and purchase from businesses directly through Instagram.

Instagram enables businesses to post shoppable posts by adding tags to products in photos with links including a product description, price and the ability to “shop now,” which will lead the user to your online store.

5. Utilize Instagram Ads

With Instagram Ads, you can turn any post into a paid ad without leaving the app. It enables you to drive awareness, increase customers and share your story among a highly engaged audience. Through Instagram Ads, you can reach new people with posts you already have made, choose who sees your ad, how much you spend, and track your performance so you can get better results with every ad.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, the advertising tools for these two social platforms are integrated. That means you can use Facebook Ads Manager to create ads that run on Instagram.

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