7 Ways to Explore Sidney this Fall

September brings a return to old routines. School is back in full swing, youth sports begin again, and we’re all getting used to the return of rainy days. Here’s some inspiration to help liven up your routine and help make the transition into fall a little bit easier.

Catch a movie
During the summer it can feel impossible to find time to catch the latest flick. Schedule some much-needed downtime and pop by the Star Cinema to see what’s playing. There’s nothing better than enjoying some buttery Star Cinema popcorn on a rainy Friday night.

Shop & Walk
One of the best parts about Sidney is how accessible everything is on foot, which comes especially in handy when it’s a rainy, blustery day outside. Dash between each store and find the perfect pair of fall boots to keep your toes dry and warm, or cozy up to a big soft scarf (let’s be honest it will also double as a blanket). Click here to find a store for your style.

Get out on the water
This one might seem odd if it’s a rainy day, but is there anything more west coast then going for a kayak or SUP paddle in light rain? Throw on your rain jacket and a life jacket – of course, and get going.

Cozy up after with a hot cup of tea from one of the many cafe’s found throughout the town. Who knows, maybe you’ll even splurge and go for a pumpkin spice latte to top off your fall day.

Try out a new fitness routine
As the days get shorter and the weather cools off, it becomes so tempting to stay at home instead of getting up and moving! Free options include walking, biking, or running (for the ambitious folks) the 10km airport loop or the Sidney waterfront walkway.
For one of the rainy days, check out studios like Hot Yoga Sidney where you can be enveloped by the warmth of the practice space, or Sitka Yoga to get your heartbeat up with a rewarding Barre class.

Make your home cozy
One of the best parts about fall is coming home from a long day to your cozy, warm home. Everything you need to prepare for the cold months ahead can be found at one of Sidney’s home decor stores. Cozy duvets from Muffet and Lousia, soft throws from Nest and Nook, sink into a comfy chair from One Stop Furniture Shop, top it all off with organic beeswax candles from Sidney Natural Foods and you’re set. Cozy level 100.

Get ready to read
Now that you have a cozy home all ready you just need a good book. There is no shortage of book stores in Sidney, ready and waiting to provide you with your next adventure, romance, or mystery. Read more about Sidney Booktown here!

Brush up on your bowling skills
Miracle Lanes is the perfect spot for everything from a family night, to a girls night out. Play a couple of rounds of blacklight bowling, then pop down to one of Sidney’s many restaurants to treat yourself to some dessert! After all that hard work you’ve earned some tiramisu.

There’s such a wonderful variety of things to do in Sidney this fall, there really is something to suit everyone’s interests – cozy or active!