A Day of Vegan Eating in Sidney

Do you judge books by their cover? …As much as I hate to admit it, I certainly do, especially with restaurants and vegan options. Over the past 3.5 years of exploring life as a vegan, I’ve built up this instinct of knowing where to go for vegan food and which restaurants to avoid if I wanted to eat more than a bowl of lettuce with olive oil. When I first visited Sidney, a small seaside town at the tip of Vancouver Island, where local fish & chips are a must, my vegan radar signalled absolutely no chance of decent vegan options. 

Recently, I realized that I’ve been missing out because Sidney has so many vegan options! From veggie burgers to vegan fish & chips, pizza, tacos, coffee, cookies and brownies – you name it. I promise all of your vegan cravings will be satisfied. For a full day of vegan eats in Sidney, give these three restaurants a go and see what I’m talking about! 

Georgia Café – a Breakfast go-to

Avo toast for days

It’s not just the vegan food that makes for a good restaurant experience. It’s the atmosphere, decor, and friendly staff just as much as the food. The cafe is at the end of Beacon Avenue, right where the ocean meets the town. The café is part of the Sidney Pier Hotel, but it still feels super cozy and welcoming to all. 

My go-to meal at the moment is their Avocado Toast, topped with vegan mayo, loads of avo, sprouts, pickled onions and micro-greens. In combination with their vegan cookie or brownie and an oat-milk latte, nothing can ruin your morning, not even on Mondays. Another perk of ordering food at Georgia Café is that most of their takeout containers are recyclable or compostable! 

Fish on Fifth – not your typical fish & chips

For lunch, I would highly recommend Fish on Fifth. I was quite confused when my boyfriend wanted to take me there for the first time. Once again, my vegan radar told me “don’t even bother, it’s a fish restaurant after all”, but oh how surprised I was when our waiter gave us an entirely separate menu from their regular menu, filled with all kinds of vegan options. Starters, sides, burgers, wraps, desserts; their variety makes it hard to pick just one thing. 

Their 2 Pcs Not Cod, which is made in house with their own tofu, and a coconut, salted caramel milk-shake make for a good comfort meal. Top that off with a pineapple dole whip or dairy-free soft serve and see how magic happens.


Woodshed Pizza

I love this place for dinner. Whether you’re enjoying the sunset from the outdoor patio or watching the wood fire pizza magic happen from the bar, the atmosphere here is awesome. The twinkling white lights complement the comforting atmosphere while you wait for your warm thin-crust pizza. It’s basically a vegan Italy.  

Pizza is one of those meals that I’ve just gotten used to eating plain, without cheese or any other fancy vegan substitutes. But Woodshed pizza gives you the option to supplement regular cheese for either Daiya or Cashew Cheese and meat for vegan substitutes, such as chorizoham or chicken at no extra cost, which is not only amazing but also super delicious.

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, just trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into your life, you’ve got a vegan friend coming over for a visit, or you’re just testing the waters but have no idea what you’re doing, I promise it’s not that hard and as you can see, you don’t have to spend $15 on lettuce and water!

There are so many other vegan options in Sidney as well! I hope you’re curious and hungry enough to come check them out yourself!