Beaches and Hiking

People come from around the world to enjoy Sidney’s recreation and leisure activities, and with good reason! The area offers so much to do, all in the midst of the extraordinary natural beauty of the Salish Sea. Surrounded by water and blessed with mild winters, Sidney is a year long recreation paradise. Whether golfing, sailing, yachting, kayaking, or paddle boarding, people who love the West Coast are drawn to the beautiful Salish Sea and the stunning Gulf and San Juan Islands. Without doubt, Sidney is a boater’s delight!

Not surprising, Sidney offers excellent fishing and crabbing opportunities too, some from Bevan Pier in the heart of town. All it takes is a license and a little time!

Twenty-five minutes away is Sidney Spit, a unique National Park accessible only by boat or ferry. With picnic and camping facilities, Sidney Spit is a gem enjoyed by locals and visitors throughout the summer. It offers excellent hiking trails and bird and wildlife watching. The vast sandy beaches are sure to soothe even the busiest of minds.

Mentioning bird watching, the area is on the migratory route for a wide variety of birds. The 143 hectare Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a few minutes from downtown Sidney and provides habitat for more than 2400 birds representing 51 species during the year. Other nearby sites include Roberts Bay, Island View Beach, Horth Hill and many others.

Cycling is another popular activity that attracts riders from near and far. With safe streets and well-marked bike paths, Sidney welcomes riders of all levels. The Lochside Trail and the YYJ airport path are popular destinations. For the adventurous, mountain bike trails are close by too.

Hiking and walking opportunities abound, not just in Sidney, but in nearby provincial parks, along the waterfront, the beaches, and in other scenic locations.

Sidney is perfect for outdoor fun, adventure and relaxation!